Logan Paul says Dillon Danis is using Nina Agdal lawsuit as “excuse” to pull out of fight

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul talking into mic side-by-side with dillon danisYouTube: imPaulsive/TikTok

Logan Paul has claimed that Dillon Danis is trying to get out of their fight and using the lawsuit brought against by Nina Agdal as an “excuse” because he’s “horrified” about what could happen in the ring. 

The Paul brothers – Logan and Jake – have been beefing with Dillon Danis on social media for a few years, but things have been taken up a few levels now that Logan and Dillon have agreed to fight. 

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Danis has targeted Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, and constantly posted photos and videos of her with other men – some real and from previous relationships, others just completely fake. That’s landed the former UFC fighter in hot water, with Agdal suing him for damages and also getting a restraining order against him

There had been claims that the restraining order could jeopardize the fight, given that Nina would likely be in Logan’s corner. The YouTuber-turned-wrestler is eager for the fight to still happen, though, he’s unsure if Dillon is. 

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Logan Paul claims Dillon Danis is trying to pull out of fight over lawsuit

Danis has been complaining about the legal action brought against him, labeling Logan a “coward” as a result of it – even though it’s his partner who has filed the lawsuit. 

On September 23, he tweeted that he didn’t “sign up for a sue-off” and “f*ck this nonsense” which caught the attention of Logan. 

“This dude is whining on Twitter, talking about ‘they’re suing me, I’ve got lawsuits up the ass, I don’t know if I want to do this anymore’. Shut up stupid! Trying to use a completely unrelated lawsuit, that a woman is trying to hold you accountable for committing a federal crime because you stalked her ass and cyber bullied her as an excuse to pull out of the fight,” the IMPAULSIVE host said in an Instagram story on September 24.

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Logan added that he “knew” that Danis would look for a way out of the fight, throwing the “coward” insult back his way.  

“People are going to see through this bro. We know you never wanted to fight me, we know you never had any intention of showing up but now that s*it is getting real, now that October 14 is three weeks away you’re reconsidering. The clock is ticking. You’re horrified. You were a puddle when you met me face-to-face, imagine what happens when you’re in a f*cking ring with me, dog,” he added.

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As it stands, the fight is still scheduled for October 14, but former UFC fighter ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry is lined up as a replacement should Danis pull out.

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