Logan Paul addresses feud with Jake Paul after he said they were at “breaking point”

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul in black hat and shirt talking to camera on podcast couch

Logan Paul said he’s urged Jake to keep any drama between them “offline” after his brother claimed that their relationship had hit a “breaking point” over a few things.

Despite being brothers, Jake and Logan Paul haven’t been shy about broadcasting their beef to the entire world over the past few years. They’ve done everything from diss tracks to tell-all podcasts, and have even stolen the show on YouTube Rewind with their beef. 

Things have settled down at times and they’ve gotten back on the same page, though. They’ve been supporting endeavors outside of YouTube – Jake has attended Logan’s WWE matches, Logan has been at Jake’s boxing fights, and they’ve been supportive of each other.

However, during a recent episode of BS With Jake Paul, Jake claimed that their relationship had reached a “breaking point” as Logan was being “condescending” about him in his Netflix documentary and he was ‘pained’ by his brother not wanting to do business with him.

Logan Paul wants drama with Jake to stay private from now on

On top of that, they clashed on a recent episode of imPaulsive when Logan was “banned” from bringing Prime into Jake’s fight with Nate Diaz as Jake hit out at him for playing “both sides” and partnering with KSI – his longtime rival. 

Now, Logan has responded to that on his return to the FLAGRANT podcast, with host Andrew Schulz urging the pair to stop “bickering” and get back on the same page.

“I know, I did, I did. I said to him we’ve got to keep this s*it offline bro,” Logan said. “We’ve done this exact thing before, it’s just been five years since any sort of beef – and we don’t have beef… some things we see eye-to-eye, some things we don’t, we’re both vocal online, in the same room we disagree, I don’t know.”

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Logan added that the pair of them like to run their mouths, they haven’t learned from previous mistakes, and that leads to them butting heads over things.

“Let’s put a pin in this. I love Jake, I f**king love him, we decided after we both went public with our little disagreements it’s so stupid, what are we doing? We love each other! That’s my brother, I’ve got to support him,” he continued. 

It ultimately remains to be seen if either Paul brother will heed their own warnings and keep it away from content, but it feels unlikely.