Jake Paul claps back at Conor McGregor after former UFC champ calls him “jackass”

jake-paul-conor-mcgregorIG: Jake Paul / Conor McGregor

Jake Paul clapped back at Conor McGregor after the former double UFC champion called him a “jackass” by comparing their achievements in the past two years, including fight wins.

Another day, another jab between Jake Paul and Conor McGregor. They’ve been going at it for years now, although it’s mostly been spurred on by Jake. However, this time it was started by the UFC star himself.

The back and forth on social media started with McGregor throwing Jake shade for wearing pink lens sunglasses at the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano pay-per-view event at Madison Square Garden, New York.

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Jake Paul Conor McGregor BoxingInstagram: Jake Paul / Conor McGregor
Jake Paul has been yearning for a fight against McGregor for a while now.

“Who the f**k is this jackass in the pink Jimmy Savile glasses?” said McGregor, referring to the late Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, an English DJ, television, and radio personality who wore similar-looking sunglasses.

Jake clapped back shortly after, listing all his achievements in the past few years compared to McGregor, including helping fighters get paid, winning fights himself, and making other fights happen.

“I’m the one who has done more for fighters than you ever have,” he said.

“The one who has won 5 fights in the past two years while you have lost 5. The one who isn’t owned by Dana White. The one who made the fight you just watched happen. The one who got your hero Katie Taylor paid. That’s who!”

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McGregor responded almost instantly, but he didn’t say much. Instead, he posted a picture of Jimmy Savile wearing the sunglasses he was referring to. After that, the tension between them more or less fizzled out.

However, it’s one of the few times McGregor has acknowledged Jake, and it’s added more fuel to the fire regarding a potential super fight between them.

Jake insisted it’ll only happen if Dana White improves fighter pay.