Jake Paul reveals the one thing keeping him from Conor McGregor fight

Conor McGregor responds to Jake Paul boxing challengeInstagram: Jake Paul

Episode 323 of Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast featured a chat with former MMA fighter Brendan Schaub. Discussion ranged around the prospects of Conor McGregor in a bout with Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul. 

Following on from an offer from Bellator for the Paul brothers to start fighting properly in MMA bouts, and amid wild speculation surrounding a potential fight with McGregor, the Paul’s have been linked to UFC stars for quite some time.

Schaub, recalling a conversation with Jake Paul, talked to the one specific item stopping a Conor McGregor and Jake Paul superfight going down: Fighter pay.

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Saying that Jake Paul took Brendan aside to ask him: “Realistically, do you think I could get that Conor fight?”, Schaub replied “I do. This is why you’re gonna get it… It’s gonna happen no matter what, whether [UFC President Dana White] plays ball or not, you and Conor are gonna fight at some point.”

jake-paul-vs-tyron-woodley-2_3vltqj32g2ad18ahvxn9tjkpdInstagram:Jake Paul
Jake Paul currently has a 5-0 boxing record.

“Absolutely,” Schaub repeated to the idea, before going on to declare “the one caveat is [Jake will] have to back down on the fighter pay.”

This is in reference to Paul’s repeated and ongoing beef with the UFC over disputes around fighter pay and healthcare.

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Responding to the caveat, JP was clear “Can’t do it,” he allegedly told Schaub, before continuing “I won’t fight him, if he doesn’t increase the fighter pay it’s not happening.”

Prodding Jake on the validity of his push for a raise in fighter pay, Brendan questioned “oh you’re serious about this?” To which the MMA hopeful replied: “I’m f**king dead serious.”

After establishing the seriousness of Jake’s desire to fight for higher pay in the UFC, Logan replied “I didn’t know that, I wasn’t sure” before giggling and saying “cool.”

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Breaking down the younger Paul brother’s push for a higher fight pay for the UFC athletes, Schaub closed out with: “Just to explain for the viewers, this fighter pay stuff. It’s like Apple and how they use slave labor to make our iPhones.”