Jake Paul fears “broke” Floyd Mayweather might never pay money he owes Logan

jake-paul-mayweather-loganIG: Mayeather / YT: Jake Paul

Jake Paul fears Floyd Mayweather might never pay Logan the money he allegedly owes him from their boxing fight, claiming the former champion is broke and owes lots of people money.

Logan Paul “broke the simulation” after going the distance against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather during an exhibition match back in June 2021. However, Logan revealed he still hasn’t been paid for the fight.

In a bid to chase up the money from Mayweather, Logan threatened to sue him. He also claimed Mayweather doesn’t have all the riches he claims to have and threatened to expose him.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd MayweatherAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan and Mayweather trade blows in June 2021.

Charlie Parsons from FightHub TV asked Jake Paul if Mayweather had finally paid Logan. “Not, not yet,” said Jake. “Floyd Mayweather is broke. That’s what a lot of people don’t realize.

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“He gets these big cheques and doesn’t pay taxes on them. Then the IRS comes hunting him down later.”

His claims haven’t been substantiated. Still, the younger Paul brother is convinced Logan might never see the money.

“He owes a lot of people I know money. Logan is deep down on that list. So, I don’t know if Logan will ever get paid. It’s kind of f**ked up!”

Mayweather responded to the lawsuit threats, claiming it typically “takes a while” for boxers to receive the money they’re owed. He also told Logan he “shouldn’t trip” in the meantime.

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There’s been no mention of the potential lawsuit since. However, Logan urged Mayweather to finally pay him after his next fight, which takes place on Saturday May 14 in Dubai.