Jake Paul blasted by ex-world champion boxer Tony Bellew following callout

Joe Craven
Tony Bellew and Jake Paul

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has been blasted by former world champion Tony Bellew, who warned him “not to wake the animal” after he was mocked by the American. 

Jake Paul’s ascent in the world of boxing has been a definite surprise for members of the online community, who generally approached the subject of YouTube boxing with disdain immediately after its establishment.

However, since then, multiple million-dollar fights have taken place, with Jake Paul beating former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley in their high-profile rematch.

Since then, rumors have been swirling as to who Paul’s next opponent will be. Among the candidates are Tommy Fury, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, and, rather surprisingly, former world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew.

Jake Paul fights Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul has now won two fights against Tyron Woodley.

Bellew has previously criticized the YouTube boxing world, but appeared even less impressed after being touted as a possible future opponent for Jake Paul.

In an April 29 tweet, he addressed the hoards of social media users telling him to fight Jake Paul, after the American said he was most famous for his acting role in the movie Creed – even though he downplayed how big that part was.

Bellew said: “WTF is going on? I’ve (turned) social media on and all kinds going on to me about Jake Paul? Yes, I’ve seen a video cos 20 people have WhatsApp’d me it! Madness! My only response to it is.. my claim to fame isn’t Creed son! It’s winning the WBC belt! Oh and smashing your coach too.”

Paul’s coach, former fighter BJ Flores, lost a cruiserweight bout versus Bellew back in 2016.

In a second tweet, he warned Paul “not to wake the animal”, again distinguishing between himself and his character in the Creed movie.

“Just in case you needed to know what I look like Jake Paul,” he said, attaching photos of him winning the WBC belt. “This is me! The other is how your coach got to know me! Creed was Pretty Ricky Conlan! What this is Tony BELLEW! Do not wake the fucking animal up that’s been dead for years.” 

Bellew has been retired since a 2018 loss to Oleksandr Usyk, but many took the tweets as a hint he would not be opposed to a lucrative fight with Paul.