Jake Paul brutally shuts down Conor McGregor training offer: “Suck my nuts”

jake paul and conor mcgregorJake Paul/Instagram/Andrius Petrucenia, Flickr

YouTube boxing sensation Jake Paul has rejected an offer from Conor McGregor’s team to train at Ireland’s famous Straight Blast Gym (SBG), calling his coach a “loser” in the process. 

Jake Paul has enjoyed an undefeated run in boxing so far, with a record of 5-0, and fights against the likes of Tyron Woodley and former Bellator MMA and ONE Welterweight Champion Ben Askren.

In 2022 already, Jake has called out UFC star Conor McGregor a number of times and while the Irishman insists he has no problems with The Problem Child, there’s been no shortage of back-and-forth between the pair.

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Conor McGregor coach says Jake Paul “welcome” to train in Ireland

Jake Paul mocks Conor McGregorInstagram/jakepaul/thenotoriousmma
Jake Paul and Conor McGregor have been involved in a very public back-and-forth throughout 2022.

John Cavanagh, McGregor’s coach, extended an invitation to the YouTube boxer to visit the SGB Ireland training facility.

He had said previously: “If Jake walked through the doors I’d tell him to sign up, pay his fees and get on the mat.

“He would be very welcome here, I’d love him to come by and train here, I’ve heard he’s got great energy. He’s a great character.”

Despite having nothing but positive words to say about Jake’s run in professional boxing so far, it didn’t take long for the coach to be in the firing line.

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Jake Paul takes shot at McGregor’s coach

jake-paul-ufc-fighter-payInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul won’t be training in Ireland any time soon it seems.

However, in an interview with The Mirror newspaper, Jake Paul has distanced himself from the opportunity in a way only he knows how.

“I don’t train with losers,” Paul told Mirror Fighting. “So as nice and respectful as that is, coach Kavanagh you can suck my nuts.

“And Conor McGregor, you can suck my butthole because I don’t train with losers like that, this guy hasn’t won a fight so why would I want his bum a** coach teaching me.”

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Jake Paul and his older brother, Logan Paul, have been trained by the best in class since they started out in boxing, from BJ Flores to Milton Supreme.

With more and more shots being fired from the Jake Paul camp, with very little in the way of a response from McGregor, it remains to be seen as to whether they will lock horns in the future. Both Jake and Logan have confirmed their boxing returns coming up this August, so will be interesting to see who their opponents turn out to be.