Jaden Hossler “beyond sorry” amid accusations of racism

Jaden Hossler apologizes for tweets

TikTok star Jaden Hossler has released a lengthy response after critics discovered previous tweets of his that appeared to sympathize with hate groups like the KKK, claiming that he is “beyond sorry” for the situation.

Hossler is a popular face across multiple social media platforms, with TikTok being his most lucrative, boasting over 9 million followers on the viral video app.

Despite his sizeable fanbase, the 19-year-old social media star has recently come under intense scrutiny for tweets he wrote in 2017 and 2018 — one of which appeared to sympathize with the KKK.

Another Tweet that sparked division among his fanbase appeared to be homophobic, with Hossler claiming that LGBTQIA+ people were “going against God’s will.”

Jaden Hossler Tweet
Jaden Hossler has come under fire for a few of his past tweets, one of which appeared to sympathize with hate groups like the KKK.
Jaden Hossler Tweet
Hossler was also faced with criticism for this tweet that many considered to be blatantly homophobic.

The backlash eventually led Hossler to deactivate his Twitter and step away from the platform after releasing a statement apologizing for his “hurtful” words.

However, it seems that the criticism against Hossler’s past posts has not died down, causing the TikToker to release another statement via Instagram apologizing for his tweets, once again.

In his statement, penned in February 2020, Hossler revealed he’d decided to come forward again because the issue had been “on his heart for some time” and that “me not addressing it to a new and larger audience feels irresponsible.”

Screenshot showing that Jaden Hossler's account doesn't exist
Hossler ended up deactivating his Twitter account over the criticism.

“It’s apparent that some people seem to think I am part of the ‘KKK,’” he wrote. “…These assumptions are absolutely not true and make me so sad to see daily on all my socials.”

“I was 16 and had strong opinions, similar to the rest of humanity,” he continued. “I hopefully, along with everyone, have grown since being a kid, and with that my perspective and opinions change constantly.”

Hossler wrapped up his post by stating that he was “beyond sorry that I put myself in a position to be portrayed as an awful and disgusting human being.”

Thus far, it doesn’t look like Hossler’s statement has been met with sympathy, with many critics accusing the star of seeking attention and refusing to take responsibility for his past posts.

Hossler’s February post also comes in wake of harassment toward his family due to the matter, with his sister also publicly speaking out in support of her little brother in December.