TikToker Jaden Hossler leaves Twitter after accusations of racism in old tweets

Jaden Hossler takes a selfie in the mirror
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Influencer Jaden Hossler appears to have deactivated his Twitter amid ongoing controversy following the resurfacing of Tweets that some consider to be racist and homophobic.

Content Warning: This article may contain sensitive content for some readers.

19-year-old Jaden Hossler has just over 8.9 million followers on TikTok, but has come under fire in recent months after old tweets resurfaced that many consider to be racist and homophobic in nature.

The tweets from 2017 came to the attention of fans in July, and featured comments about the KKK and his opinions on whether or not Christians should accept the LGBTQ+ community.

Jaden Hossler Tweet

Jaden Hossler Tweet

Many fans were upset at the nature of the comments, leading Jaden to release an apology in which he said, “I definitely apologize for my past words that were so hurtful. I do not agree with that and I am so grateful for who I am now!”

In November, the TikToker revealed the apology had not ended the criticism and reported, “my family has gotten messages that are so hateful that it’s just gotten too far!”

Jaden’s sister defended him from angry commenters, as she said: “I cannot sit here and watch videos of somebody spreading lies about my brother and let it lie. If you do not know somebody personally, and have a relationship with them, you cannot judge intentions or character.”

However, on January 1 fans noticed that Jaden had deactivated his Twitter account, with his tweets disappearing and a message reading “this account doesn’t exist” appearing when searching his original username.

Screenshot showing that Jaden Hossler's account doesn't exist

He hasn’t addressed the apparent deletion of his Twitter on other platforms, and some people have criticized him for this, saying that he should release a ‘genuine apology.’

One fan on Twitter said, “ok why don’t you just address the situation rather that hide and look dumb, pls we are just asking for a genuine apology.”

It’s as yet unclear whether Jaden will speak more on the subject, but some people don’t seem to be willing to let this go any time soon.