Tayler Holder admits he attempted suicide over allegations in tearful interview

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Tayler Holder broke down in tears discussing the allegations against him that caused his friend circle to cut him off, saying he “lost everything” due to the fallout.

Tayler Holder has been on a bit of a press junket lately, appearing on multiple podcasts to discuss his current activities and opening up on an incident that put his career on pause two years ago.

In early 2022, Holder faced ambiguous allegations that alluded to sexual assault, causing many of his friends and fellow influencers to drop him for his “unforgivable actions” in various cryptic posts on social media.

Although Holder has denied any wrongdoing, his friends continue to distance themselves from him, even claiming that they received cease and desist letters from the TikToker.

Tayler Holder films a YouTube video
Tayler Holder was unfollowed by a slew of his fellow creators in early 2022.

Holder has opened up about these allegations in recent podcast episodes, slamming the accusations as “fake” during a video in December 2023.

In January 2024, Holder appeared on an episode of Duke Gomez’s podcast, where he opened up further on the topic in a tearful segment where he detailed the impact the allegedly false rumors had on his life.

Tayler Holder breaks down over allegations: “I lost everything”

In the podcast, Holder claimed that his accuser backed down after he threatened to expose the truth, as per supposed talks with his lawyer — but said he couldn’t sue for defamation as he was left “broke” over the ordeal.

“Our attorneys talked …and I was basically like, ‘Hey, you guys need to make this right. I’ve lost my entire life, man. I would have no other option besides to lay all of this out, and let everyone know what the heck actually happened,'” he explained.

“Because of what I had, they didn’t want that out there, bro,” he continued. “They were like, ‘My clients will shut up, they want nothing to do with this anymore.’ I was like, you don’t get to just come in and f*ck up my entire life.”

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Holder admitted that he lost “every brand deal” he had, on top of loads of cash, due to the legal fees he incurred dealing with the situation… but this paled in comparison to the friends he lost over the incident.

“The thing that f*cked me up the most was… these people have known me for years. They knew my heart, they knew what I’ve done. They knew everything about me. Not one of them offline, off the record… no one just picked up the phone called me. ‘How are you Taylor, what can I do to help?'”

That’s not all; Holder even admitted that he “tried to kill himself” over the ordeal, breaking down into tears as he explained the impact his friends turning away from him had on his psyche.

It’s still unclear what exactly happened in regards to Holder’s situation as exact details were never made public, but Holder continues to maintain his innocence, while other influencers like Bryce Hall have made their stance clear that they want nothing to do with him.