Keith Lee responds to backlash over video addressing Taraji P. Henson BET Awards incident

Virginia Glaze

TikTok-famous food reviewer Keith Lee is speaking out after he deleted a video addressing Taraji P. Henson confusing him with fellow influencer Jordan Howlett at the 2024 BET Awards.

The 2024 BET Awards are officially in the books, and there’s more than a few moments from the program that took over social media over the weekend.

One of these moments occurred when actress Taraji P. Henson got TikTokers Keith Lee and Jordan Howlett confused with one another, sparking an awkward interaction that went viral online as Henson apologized to Lee and kept it moving.

The situation picked up even more steam after Keith Lee posted, and subsequently deleted, a video showing himself tossing a rose onto the ground at the awards ceremony with the caption: “Our name will be known in every room it’s supposed to be, when it’s supposed to be, how it’s supposed, with no confusion. God is amazing.”

However, reactions to Keith’s video weren’t positive. Many viewers lashed out at the TikToker over his “dramatic” post, with one writing: “She apologized and meant no harm, I’m sure. …she just missed the mark, damn.”

Keith Lee deleted his initial TikTok uploaded after attending the 2024 BET Awards.

“She mixed up the two men sitting there. It’s monologue. Banter. Nobody wants him. Y’all are outrageous,” another wrote.

Lee has since responded to the backlash over his now-deleted video in another TikTok uploaded on July 1, where he clarified that he is “not upset” at Henson for the mixup.

“In my opinion, she smoked it last night,” he continued. “I don’t think for one second Taraji had any ill-will or any ill intentions behind the situation. The situation happened the way it did. It is what it is.”

“The reason I did this had nothing to do with Taraji P. Henson,” he continued. “The reason I dropped [the rose] on the floor is that I wholeheartedly believe that wasn’t my rose. That wasn’t my moment. It was given to me, but it wasn’t mine, and I always say, I don’t want nothing that ain’t mine. I want what’s meant for me — nothing less, nothing more.”

Lee went on to slam the show’s production, claiming it was “extremely rushed” and something that ultimately led to Henson’s viral mixup of him and Howlett.

“To take me and my wife out of our seats, put us in different seats, give Taraji no direction as to who we are or what we do felt extremely unprepared and unprofessional to me,” he added, further explaining that neither he nor his wife had an issue with Henson’s ‘flirting’ with him, as they were both aware it was merely a bit made up for the show.

Jordan, for his part, doesn’t seem to have publicly addressed the situation at the time of writing — but fans are showing their support for Lee following his latest message in the comments after all the drama.

Taraji P. Henson responds to Keith Lee

After Keith Lee responded to Henson’s mixup, she dropped into the comments on a viral Instagram post made by ‘morningjuiceboxtv.’

The comment made by Henson was under a clip of Keith Lee’s video of him dropping the rose she gave him at the 2024 BET Awards.

“Life really is too short for this behavior. He wasn’t in his seat.” Henson claimed.

“They give celebrity assigned seats! I rehearsed all damn day to go hit my mark and that young man wasn’t in his seat so HE MISSED HIS MOMENT!”

Henson continued to say Keith Lee’s “ego is hurt.” Adding, “He will be fine. I cleaned it up at the end of the show. No love lost here.”