TikToker Jaden Hossler’s sister defends him amid racism and homophobia accusations

Jaden Hossler defended by sister after tweets

Popular TikTok creator and music artist Jaden Hossler is being met with ample backlash online after fans discovered older posts of his that appeared to be racist and homophobic in nature.

Content Warning: This article may contain sensitive content for certain readers.

Hossler, who boasts over 8.9 million followers on TikTok, is facing outrage from critics across social media after two tweets of his were discovered that appeared to endorse racism and homophobia.

One of the uncovered tweets, from 2017, was a quote-retweet of a post that criticized racism, which stated that torch-carrying members of the KKK wanted to “intimidate community members at a Black prayer service.”

“What does the world expect when we are all encouraged to do what makes us happy?” Hossler replied to the post.

Jaden Hossler Tweet

Another uncovered tweet of Hossler’s, from 2018, has been widely deemed as homophobic by critics, with Hossler writing, “Please don’t be confused, true Christians should not ACCEPT the LGBT community, we are supposed to love them and be there!”

Jaden Hossler Tweet

Unsurprisingly, Hossler’s divisive tweets have since sparked controversy across the net, prompting his sister to speak out on the scandal via a broadcast on TikTok.

“I cannot sit here and watch videos of somebody spreading lies about my brother and let it lie,” she said. “If you do not know somebody personally, and have a relationship with them, you cannot judge intentions or character.”

“Jaden is the kindest, sweetest, most loving, gentle human being you will ever meet in your life,” she added. “He has a heart of pure gold, and the reason he has made it to the point he’s at today is because he works his butt off for it.”

Hossler’s sister continued her defense by claiming that she “completely disavowed white supremacy” and claimed she knew her brother would do the same if he had been with her during her broadcast.

Despite her defense, viewers are still unhappy with Hossler’s past tweets. Hossler himself has yet to comment on the situation at the time of writing — a statement that his critics and fans alike are anxiously waiting for.