Island Boys fire back at claims they were thrown out of Jake Paul boxing match

Island Boys on InstagramInstagram: kodiyakredd

The Island Boys have addressed rumors that they were thrown out of Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 for throwing a shoe, denying that such an incident ever happened.

After weeks of anticipation, Paul and Woodley finally met in the ring again on December 19. A devastating knockout in the sixth round kept Paul’s winning streak intact, but it wasn’t the only moment that captivated the crowd.

Having shown their support for the social media star ahead of the bout, the Island Boys happened to be in attendance. Just their presence alone was enough to cause chaos in the venue as drinks were thrown and fans almost got into fights of their own.

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At one point, fellow controversial internet celeb KEEMSTAR even claimed they were “kicked out for throwing shoes.”

Two days removed from the event and the Island Boys have finally issued a response, denying that they were ever removed from the arena.

“We’re not throwing shoes,” they said in response to a question on TikTok. Seemingly confused by the controversy, they assured they were able to watch the entire PPV from their seats. They stressed: “[We] were sitting there the whole time.”

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Rather, it was an earlier ruckus that had security keeping a close eye on them, according to the Island Boys themselves. No shoes were launched through the crowd, they explained. Though beer was supposedly thrown at a cop, causing more hysteria in the crowd.

“They thought it came from us,” the popular twin act continued on their recent TikTok reply, “but it came from one of the guys we were hanging out with.”

So while a fair few objects were flying in their direction, security allegedly didn’t remove the Island Boys after all.

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With the crowd evidently against them, however, there’s no telling if they’ll ever brave the storm at another influencer boxing event moving forward.