IShowSpeed tries to fry corn dog with milk and it ends in disaster

ishowspeed stream ends in disaster frying corn dog with milkYouTube: Speedy Boykins

IShowSpeed’s YouTube stream nearly ended in disaster after he attempted to fry a corn dog in hot oil and poured cold milk into the mixture.

IShowSpeed is one of YouTube’s most popular broadcasters, having been banned from Twitch back in 2021. Since then, he’s racked up a huge audience for himself, and even reigned as YouTube’s number one streamer throughout 2022.

Part of Speed’s appeal is the sheer chaos of his streams. In the past, the young influencer has gone viral for all manner of wild antics — like the time his attempt at the Kylie Jenner lip challenge went horribly wrong, or when he asked his viewers to help him with a school test (only to fail in spite of the group effort).

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Speed has also ended up in a few dangerous situations in the past, as seen when he nearly lit his bedroom on fire after setting off fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July in his house, prompting a call to emergency services.

The streamer nearly suffered a repeat of this incident in February 2022 after deciding to fry some corn dogs in hot oil during a live broadcast.

IShowSpeed stream erupts in disaster after pouring milk into hot oil

At first, everything seemed to be going quite well (aside from the fact that the fryer was sitting on a folding chair surrounded by carpet).

However, things quickly took a turn for the worse after Speed decided to pour a glass of almond milk into the hot oil, causing the mixture to furiously bubble and nearly boil over.

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In his panic, Speed knocked over his camera — but it looks like the situation was resolved without further issue, although things certainly could have gone far worse for the influencer, who nearly burned his own house down thanks to his impromptu fireworks display last year.