iShowSpeed in disbelief as his PC gets ‘hacked’ live on stream

iShowSpeed on streamYT: iShowSpeed

YouTube streamer iShowSpeed let his PC get ‘hacked’ while broadcasting in a clip so bizarre and hilarious it could only come from the American 17-year-old.

iShowSpeed, despite his youth and relative newness in the world of content creation and live streaming, has rapidly become one of the internet’s biggest names.

A whirlwind last few months has seen him steal headlines in the Sidemen’s immensely successful charity football match and now collab with YouTube giant Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson.

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OG fans of the streamer will know him best for his explosive and unpredictable stream moments, though. There was the time he was left horrified by the Kylie Jenner lip challenge or when he was scarily swatted and handcuffed.

This most recent moment, from October 6, may just take the cake.

iShowSpeed PC ‘hacked’ live on stream

After a couple of hours live-streaming FIFA 23 and GTA V, Speed went to download a “very scary” game, describing it as from the “illegal crypto dark web sh*t”.

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Egged on by viewers, he ignored multiple warnings from his PC that the files he was downloading were dangerous.

“The application may cause damage to your device,” he read, from his PC’s ‘malicious file’ warning. “I don’t care run [it] anway I’m Speed baby. Warning you have ran a Trojan known as Monoxide. This has full capacity to delete all your data.”

After reading the full warning, Speed declared “I’m not no punk… I’m not a bitch” and continued, leading to hilarious carnage.

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His PC screen was instantly overrun with visual glitches and became completely unusable.

Somehow surprised at the outcome, Speed went on: “Oh f**k no no no. What did I do bro? No.”

When egregiously loud distortion sound began playing, Speed lost his cool altogether and started lamenting the state of his PC.

Needless to say, viewers had little sympathy for the star after he had ignored multiple warnings from the computer and chat alike.

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The stream ended just minutes later with Speed whipping out his phone to call the police, before a baffled operator asked what he was supposed to do about the situation.

Just another day on the internet.

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