KSI admits iShowSpeed “owned” him during Sidemen Charity Match 2022

KSI Speed Sidemen charity headerYouTube: KSI/Sidemen

In a recent video, KSI reacted to the viral memes about his performance during the Sidemen Charity Match, acknowledging how he “took the loss” against iShowSpeed.

The 2022 Sidemen Charity Match was a massive success, raising over £1 million in just over three hours. Similar to the last couple of Sidemen Charity matches, the game was held at The Valley Stadium in London.

The YouTube stream of the game peaked at 2.6 million viewers, in large part due to the epic lineup of content creators and influencers that took part in the game. One of the biggest names to feature on the Sidemen team was KSI, whose performance in the match gained attention for all the wrong reasons.

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During the match, KSI and IShowSpeed went toe to toe on multiple occasions, with Speed getting the upper hand during all the big moments. In a video called “Speed owned me,’ KSI broke down the recent Sidemen Charity Match.

Initially, KSI admitted that he does “feel great” given that his team “got the dub.” However, he then went on to talk about his own performance in a less positive manner. “I had so much hype. I was so ready and I flopped.”

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There were two occasions during the match where Speed seemingly got the better of KSI. The first was in the opening minutes of the game, where Speed dove into KSI with a slide tackle that sent him to the ground. The second was a tackle just outside the box, with Speed then standing over KSI.

While KSI did call the incident a “funny moment”, he pulled the referee up for seemingly “not caring” about the fact that it was an illegal tackle. “He did trip me guys, let’s be honest.”

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KSI then spoke about JiDion missing the event after being evicted, calling on his fans to send their love and support for the content creator who he says is “going through it at the moment.”

However, he mentioned his hope that JiDion will be able to “come to the charity match next year,” inadvertently confirming that the Sidemen crew is planning on bringing the event back annually. Here’s hoping that both KSI and Speed return for the Sidemen charity match next year so they can recreate and add to the memes from 2022.

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