IShowSpeed goes super-viral with Neymar collab & it’s bigger than Ronaldo

Connor Bennett
IShowSpeed and Neymar in PSG jerseys posing for cameraTwitter: IShowSpeedSui

IShowSpeed’s link-up with Neymar has proven to be even more popular than his first meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo, at least on TikTok anyway. 

Since shooting to the top of the streaming world, IShowSpeed has become pretty entrenched in the footballing world too – especially with his love of Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The YouTube streaming star has linked up with his hero on two occasions – one went a bit smoother than the other – but he’s also met other people too. He’s streamed alongside Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, as well as former Manchester United players Antony Elanga and Jese Lingard. 

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Prior to meeting Ronaldo for a second time, Speed actually got to hang out with Brazilian star Neymar. And, to the surprise of many, that collab has proven to be a little more popular this meeting with Ronaldo – at least on TikTok. 

Recently, Speed has been in Japan following a few pre-season games of European giants PSG. One of those included a meeting with Ronaldo’s Al Nassr, where he also got to meet Kim Kardashian. 

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Just prior to that game, he got to stream with Neymar for a little bit, where Speed naturally sang Neymar’s own song at him and had a bit of a dance-off as well. 

As of writing, a TikTok with the two on it has racked up over 128 million views, which is 28 million more views than his meeting with Ronaldo. In fact, the video has 22 million likes as well and had over 20 million views within an hour of it being uploaded, which is pretty incredible. 

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That only goes for TikTok though. Over on Twitter, his photo with Ronaldo is still by far and away his most popular post. In fact, it’s gotten over 142.5 views and close to 2 million likes. 

His TikTok with Neymar will likely surpass that, given how much the view count is still climbing. That remains surprising to some fans, especially seeing how big of a fan Speed is for Ronaldo. Though, maybe they just didn’t expect the crossover with Neymar.

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