iShowSpeed roasts Trent-Alexander Arnold to his face with bizarre rap on stream

YouTube: iShowSpeed

Streaming star iShowSpeed had Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold on his November 2 stream, and decided to be cheeky with the England star over his defensive abilities.

Over the last few months, iShowSpeed has set the internet ablaze with his wacky streams, but he’s also tapped into a new-found love of the beautiful game – football. 

The 18-year-old’s love of Cristiano Ronaldo is what propelled him into the spotlight for many football fans, but he expanded on that with his showing at the 2022 Sidemen Charity Match, finding himself on the scoresheet but also offside far too often. 

As a result, he’s gotten further and further entrenched in the footballing world. He’s had Premier League stars like Jese Lingard and Anthony Elanga on stream, asking both if Ronaldo is aware of him. Now, he’s got his biggest catch in the form of Trent Alexander-Arnold. 

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iShowSpeed trolls Trent Alexander-Arnold on stream

The Liverpool defender, who is no stranger to the gaming world, having streamed FIFA and Call of Duty in the past, hopped on Speed’s November 1 stream to chat. 

Speed was, at first, hesitant to troll the right-back and kept things on the level for a little. However, once his game of Stumble Guys took a footballing turn, he told Alexander-Arnold that he had prepared a little “rap” for him. 

The streaming star started things off a bit normally before he started to be a bit more cheeky and take shots at Alexander-Arnold’s defensive skills – which have been a common criticism of his. 

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He yelled “Defend!” over and over for a few seconds before bringing his ‘rap’ to an end. 

Timestamp of 2:24:49

The Liverpool said “thank you” for the encouragement but it wasn’t long before he dipped out and left Speed to himself. 

Naturally, some fans found the whole interaction amusing, and the pair suggested that they may link up in person before long. So, expect some more shenanigans if that happens.