IShowSpeed finally meets legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Carver Fisher
IShowSpeed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo

After years of trying to meet Cristiano Ronaldo in person, IShowSpeed finally met him and his family in a long-awaited meeting for both him and his fans.

IShowSpeed is one of the biggest livestreamers on YouTube. His explosive personality, sense of humor, and passion have brought him to the top of the platform before he even graduated high school.

Following his recent graduation, IShowSpeed got the best present he could have asked for. After years of trying to cross paths with football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, he finally met him after chatting with some of Ronaldo’s family members.

Both Speed and his chat couldn’t contain themselves, with years of anticipation being let go in one fateful moment; all captured on video.

IShowSpeed meets Ronaldo while livestreaming

IShowSpeed has been a fan of Ronaldo for ages. Even through his own football pursuits at events like the Sidemen charity match, an event he’ll be attending again soon, Speed has cited Ronaldo as an inspiration.

Not to mention, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of if not the biggest names in football. He’s earned fans the world around for his skills as one of the best strikers the world has ever seen.

After pursuing a meeting with Ronaldo for years, IShowSpeed had a fateful livestream moment where he not only met the footballer, but also some of his family members.

But nothing tops the moment IShowSpeed met his hero. He fell to his knees, showed Ronaldo the tattoo he got to honor the footballers now famous celebration, and was shocked for minutes after meeting him.

Though, he managed to regain his composure for long enough to get a few pictures with him.

What’s more, this was all caught on video. His entire YouTube chat was spamming Ws and celebrating alongside Speed. With how long he’s been vying to meet Ronaldo, many in chat couldn’t help but voice their support for the streamer.

Though IShowSpeed has hit a ton of recent milestones as one of YouTube’s biggest streamers, this has trumped them all.

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