IRL streamer shocked as stranger hits him with water bottle in NYC

Twitch/Twitter: DailyDasher

An IRL Twitch streamer was left gobsmacked after a passerby randomly attacked them with a large water bottle, seemingly unprovoked, as he strolled down 6th avenue in Manhattan.

Streamer ‘DailyDasher‘, who lives in New York City but broadcasts his travels around the world, was returning home and showing viewers his journey when the bizarre incident occurred.

The nature of streaming IRL (in-real-life) often results in odd moments, as either the broadcaster goes out of their way to attract attention, or passersby can be lured in by the chance to be on camera.

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Twitch: DailyDasherDailyDasher takes fans with him as he travels live on Twitch.

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These types of moments occur most often when streaming in large cities, with New York being a prime example. When exploring busy streets, be it in Paris, Seoul or beyond, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful people to add some character to the livestream.

However, it’s not always safe, as DailyDasher discovered, as some individuals can take exception to livestreamers milling around with their camera out.

It’s unclear if the woman in this clip was lashing out for this reason, but, entirely unprovoked, she swings a large water-cooler size bottle at the streamer, seemingly striking him on the shoulder.

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As the woman lashes out, she also shouts at him something similar to f**k you!, but it’s difficult to make out. DailyDasher meanwhile, pauses for a moment on the busy street, dumbfounded by the random attack.

What the f**k? he exclaimed, What?! She just… threw the water… wait? What just happened? I thought she was going to attack us. Welcome back to New York City, I guess.

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It could have been worse, of course, as the woman just quickly moved on without escalating the situation further, and it doesn’t appear that DailyDasher was injured at all.

Other instances of random violence on IRL streams have resulted in more serious harm, such as streamers being mugged while live, or when one woman had to defend herself when a man threw an unknown substance into her face.

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