iDubbbz explains why Dr Disrespect hasn’t accepted boxing challenges

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect and iDubbbz

Ian ‘iDubbbz’ Washburn’s influencer boxing event Creator Clash was a massive success prompting YouTube stars like Valkyrae to train for the second card, but one major fan favorite has shown no signs of competing: Dr Disrespect.

When it comes to streamers, there may not be anyone more larger than life. At 6’8, Dr Disrespect is a mountain of a man with the on-air personality of a 90s WWE wrestler. As such, he’s been called out on multiple occasions, but hasn’t expressed a desire to box.

At Creator Clash itself, Epic Meal Time’s Harley scored an impressive victory against Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson and immediately called out The Doc for a fight. A few days later, the two-time tiptoed around the challenge, instead bringing up fans who ask him to fight TimTheTatman and disregarding the boxing scene.

During an interview with Dexerto, iDubbbz discussed the possibility of Dr Disresprect fighting at a second Creator Clash and if he would ever actually bring his violence, speed, and momentum to the ring.

Dr Disrespect streaming in front of screen
Everyone wants a piece of the two-time.

iDubbbz thinks Dr Disrespect will fight, but on his terms

Just like Harley, iDubbbz issued a challenge to the two-time when he was trying to find an opponent, but it didn’t go all too well.

“He sort of dismissed it,” Washburn said. “I don’t think he takes it too seriously.”

According to iDubbbz, Doc’s on-stream persona provides the perfect excuse to be so dismissive. As a character, Dr Disrespect exists in a strange reality where he sells out a trillion-dollar arena packed with Champions Club members watching him take another step up the mountain as he picks up Ws in Warzone.

“It’s also very easy for him because he’s in character, to just be like, ‘Aw yeah whatever.’ But behind the scenes, who knows what he’s cooking up. It’s hard to say,” The Creator Clash creator explained. “It seems like Dr Disrespect might eventually get into something, but we haven’t been in contact with him.”

Hopefully, Dr Disrespect does have something in the works and we get to actually see him compete in the ring. As for who he fights, he would have no shortage of challengers. Maybe he’ll call out Twitch staff and demand he be unbanned if he wins? The possibilities are endless.

Sadly, we may be seeing him land suplexes instead of punches, considering he’s been adamant about the possibility of making a WWE debut while remaining mum about boxing.