Dr Disrespect responds to WWE debut rumors as video game entrance goes viral

dr disrespect wwe responds to rumorsDr Disrespect / WWE

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect seems to be waiting and ready for his WWE debut. If called upon, he already has his intro planned out.

Dr Disrespect has made many appearances on television outside of his multi-million dollar streaming facility. Whether he’s spotted sitting courtside at a sporting event or announcing the 49ers pick at the 2022 NFL Draft, the two-time is certainly not a one-trick pony.

However, his fans desperately want to see the 6-foot-8 legend step into the ring on WWE. And while the two have flirted with one another over the years, the video game champion has yet to step foot in the squared circle.

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That was until a recent fanmade entrance on WWE 2K22 went viral showing what it could look like for Doc to step inside the posts. And whenever WWE is ready, it seems Dr Disrespect has his own idea for an intro.

Dr Disrespect has his WWE intro planned

It’s not unreasonable to think Dr Disrespect could make a WWE appearance. Other internet celebrities, like Logan Paul, have made impactful debuts attracting a lot of attention to the world of professional wrestling.

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During a live stream on May 9, a viewer donated $99.99 asking, “When are you making the WWE appearance we all want to see?” Doc took a few seconds to collect his thoughts before responding.

“Like I said, I’ve got the intro all lined up in my head, man,” Doc stated. So whenever WWE is ready for the Doc, the Doc is most certainly ready for them.

It’s also very apparent that Dr Disrespect’s fans are eagerly awaiting an appearance in the squared circle. Many responses after seeing the fanmade intro claimed that Doc was built for WWE.

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Others went as far as to speculate the streamer and Logan Paul could meet in the ring when the time was right. But until the video game champ makes his debut, check out the rest of our WWE coverage.

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