Dr Disrespect wants fan film where he fights Twitch turned into Netflix show

Theo Burman
dr disrespect thinking hands together

Dr Disrespect was blown away when he watched a high-quality fan film depicting his struggle against Twitch.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by a fan as a way to practice 3D modelling skills, depicts the top streamer as the protagonist of a cyberpunk dystopia, with Twitch playing the role of corporate overlord.

There’s no love lost between Doc and Twitch. His ban from the streaming platform in 2020 shocked the community, and the reason behind the ban has not yet been made public.

It even got to the point that Twitch CEO Dan Clancy joked about stopping an alien invasion when he was asked why Dr Disrespect had to go.

Dr Disrespect has remained antagonistic towards Twitch ever since his ban, which left him using YouTube as his primary streaming site.

Watching the fan video, which portrayed him as a Matrix-style rogue fighting against the rules and regulations of Twitch, Doc joked that it was so good it could be made into a Netflix show.

On his YouTube livesteam, he said: “Jesus! That’s what it’s about, right there, baby. I’m ready to watch the full season on Netflix.”

Dr Disrespect has been streaming on YouTuber ever since August 2020. On March 10, 2022, Dr Disrespect announced that legal proceedings had ended, with neither party admitting to any wrongdoing.