Dr Disrespect annihilates fan for joking about his affair

Michael Gwilliam
DrDisrespect staring ahead at event

YouTuber Dr Disrespect destroyed a fan after they made the mistake of joking about the streamer’s affair.

Dr Disrespect has been one of the streaming community’s most popular creators for years, but he’s had quite a few controversies that are still referenced to this day.

In addition to his mysterious permanent Twitch ban, the streamer was booted from E3 for broadcasting from inside of a bathroom, and in 2017, the two-time admitted to being “unfaithful” to his wife.

Doc coming clean about cheating was one of his most infamous moments. Although he and his wife have since rectified their relationship, Dr Disrespect didn’t take too kindly to a fan insinuating the affair was still ongoing.

Dr Disrespect rips viewer after bringing up his affair

On December 12, Dr Disrespect commented on a tweet by Apex Legends pro ImperialHal, claiming he had purchased front-row tickets to the ALGS finals.

In response, a viewer jokingly asked the two-time, “You bringing the girlfriend or the wife?”

This didn’t sit well with Doc, who decided to retaliate by unleashing his signature violence, speed, and momentum on the viewer who clearly didn’t know what he had awakened.

“I was thinking of bringing your fat mom,” Doc shot back. “Since your step dad doesn’t give her any attention.”

X exploded in cheers following this comeback, with many applauding Dr Disrespect for not holding back in the exchange.

“Bro got absolutely cooked,” one fan remarked.

“Get absolutely bodied by the two-time,” praised another.

Needless to say, the viewer might want to rethink his approach if he ever tries to beef with the 6’8 streaming legend ever again.

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