Dr Disrespect explains his conditions for returning to Warzone

Dr Disrespect talking into mic with Apex Legends cartoon in backgroundYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has, once again, sworn off playing Call of Duty: Warzone until a few conditions are met – and they’re not completely outrageous. 

Like many of the other games he has gotten his teeth sunken into, Dr Disrespect has had a pretty love-hate relationship with Warzone over the last few years.

The YouTube streamer has uninstalled the Call of Duty battle royale countless times and sworn off playing it for good. Though, he typically returns before long and unleashes his signature brand of violence, speed, and momentum onto the opposition.

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In recent weeks, the Doc has been splitting his time between Warzone and Apex Legends, but claimed that he was completely done with the former due to his hatred of the Caldera map. Though, he is willing to come back before long.

Twitch: DrDisrespect
The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

The Two-Time dove back into the CoD battle royale for a few solo games during his May 19 stream, claiming that no game has annoyed him more than Warzone – not even H1Z1 or PUBG.

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“I think it’s the immature design of the game, I guess that’s the best way I could say it,” The Doc said as he criticized Warzone again. Once the game was over, he switched to Apex Legends, stating he never wants to play on Caldera “ever again.”

Though, he admitted he’ll be back if there is a new season of content, or if the developers bring back Verdansk. “Would you play Warzone again if Verdansk was brought back? Yeah, I hate Caldera and I don’t like the fiction,” the Doc said, replying to a fan. “I don’t want to play a World War 2 game in 2022, I’m sorry. We’re over that.”

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While some fans might want him to play Rebirth Island instead, The Doc has criticized that map before as well, urging the Warzone devs to make changes.

As noted though, while he’s sworn off playing the battle royale in the past, he usually makes a return. So, expect to see him back before long.

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