Dr Disrespect denies tripping Steph Curry while courtside at NBA playoff game

Dave Deiley

Dr Disrespect was accused of tripping the two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry while sitting courtside for an NBA game between Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks.

Wherever The Doc goes, chaos seems to follow. Now hitting the big leagues, Dr Disrespect and OpTic HECZ have been hit with the accusation of tripping international icon Steph Curry.

Sitting courtside for Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, it was a treat in itself to see Doc and HECZ so close to the action.

Geared up in full regalia, the Doc was seen next to another ‘greatest shooter in history,’ though not how you’d imagine. Rather than posing for pictures, Curry tripped over while passing by the Doc, leading to a quick response online.

At first, many were quick to joke it was the two time that tripped Curry. Though on further viewing, it appears that he tripped over a vendor selling drinks and snacks to the front row spectators.

With Game 2 of the series netting the Mavericks a $100,000 fine for breaching ‘bench decorum’ rules, it appears that the Doc’s presence wasn’t the only thing riling up courtside.

Regardless, Dr Disrespect took to Twitter to clarify his position, simply tweeting: “I didn’t trip Stephen Curry.”

Making sure that he was also absolved of blame, Hecz also kept it short and sweet, tweeting out: “It wasn’t me” in response to the video.

As gaming and esports stars only continue to get further enshrined in all aspects of popular culture, we’re sure that crossover events like this will continue to become more of a frequent occurrence.

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