NBA 2K to remove Dr Disrespect content following Twitch ban scandal

Chris Studley
Dr Disrespect and NBA 2K24 cover

Amid the fallout surrounding prominent streamer Dr Disrespect, 2K confirmed to Dexerto that his presence will be removed from NBA 2K24 over the coming weeks.

Last week, a former Twitch employee posted a message on Twitter/X, alleging that streamer Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from the streaming platform for inappropriately messaging a minor. Since then, Dr Disrespect has admitted to sending the messages and confirmed that they were the reason for his ban, prompting several organizations to distance themselves from the streamer.

Dr Disrespect’s gaming studio, Midnight Society, has disassociated itself with him. And recently, the San Francisco 49ers stated that the team will no longer collaborate with Doc, either.

Now, 2K has decided to cut ties with Dr Disrespect, as his name in NBA 2K24 will disappear over the next few weeks.

NBA 2K24 Dr Disrespect animation

2K confirmed to Dexerto that the streamer’s name will be removed from the game and his animations, and will be replaced with generic names instead. Dr Disrespect had been featured in MyCareer, as his custom in-game jump shot and dunk style was featured in the game as an equippable animation.

The developer of 2K24 will do this once the Season 9 patch releases, as the update for Season 8 was released just a few days earlier. Season 8 will go live on June 28, 2024.

Additionally, 2K will not feature Dr Disrespect content in subsequent games.

The news comes after Doc confirmed on X that he did interact inappropriately with a minor, but denied any ill intention behind the messages.

“Were there Twitch whisper messages with an individual minor back in 2017? The answer is yes. Were there real intentions behind these messages, the answer is absolutely not. These were casual, mutual conversations that sometimes leaned too much in the direction of being inappropriate, but nothing more. Nothing illegal happened, no pictures were shared, no crimes were committed, I never even met the individual,” Disrespect posted on X on June 25, 2024.

The streamer is currently on hiatus, but has promised to return to content in the future.