Hype House reveals their new Hollywood TikTok mansion and it’s insane

Hype House/Tarlor Lorenz

A new video has been posted of the massive mansion members of the Hype House are moving into for 2021, and it’s so big it’s absolutely insane.

To celebrate the TikTok creator collective’s one-year anniversary, members of the Hype House have decided to celebrate by moving into a new, gargantuan mansion.

Thomas Petrou already shared some shots of the new crib, but on December 26 the official Hype House account put out a TikTok giving us our best look at the pad, and it’s ridiculous backyard view, yet.

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Starting with a clip of the old FaZe Clan house, among others, in the Hollywood Hills, it then pans to the new mansion, first showing the front, then panning across the backyard — which is complete with a pool and stunning view of the valley below.

It’s nothing close to an official house tour, but we would bet that an MTV Cribs-style reveal will be coming soon, possibly after everyone gets moved in and somewhat settled.

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In his story, Petrou and Alex Warren were simply scoping out the place, with Thomas proudly pointing at the mansion and announcing that he bought it along with Warren and Kouvr Annon. Now that we’ve had more of a look at the place, we do have to wonder how much money they had to shell out.

Given the amount of attention, the TikTokers were getting at the old FaZe spot, them moving to a new location isn’t really that big of a surprise — especially after Petrou revealed back in July that the Hype House would sometimes get up to 100 visitors a day.

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Even though they could definitely be considered celebrities in their own right, members of the Hype House are real people just like you and me (though it can be easy to forget that sometimes), so hopefully the new digs provide plenty of safe space (and content) headed into 2021.

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