How to get TikTok’s Hollywood Filter

Georgina Smith
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TikTok users have found a new filter to add to their videos, both to use it as an actual beauty filter, and to participate in some challenges. Here’s how to try out the Hollywood Filter for yourself.

TikTok has become the main place to go for a range of filters and effects that have plenty of viral trends attached to them.

While some filters like the popular Versailles Run effect are available from within the app, others are actually only available on external apps, meaning there are a few steps involved in getting the images or videos from one platform to another.

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TikTok’s user base is growing bigger by the day.

FaceApp has a range of filters that can either enhance or distort your face, and several of the app’s effects have been the starting point for viral TikTok trends.

Some used one of the makeup filters to switch up their face in their videos, others used the small face or ‘face shrinking filter’ to make their face look increasingly distorted as part of a popular challenge.

Now, people are using the Hollywood filter in much the same way as the other filters to see what kind of effect they can get from it. One popular way of using it is to keep reapplying the filter to the same image to see what happens.

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How to get the Hollywood Filter on TikTok

While FaceApp does have several free filters, unfortunately, you will need a paid pro account in order to use the Hollywood Filter. There are however other similar filters on the app, it’s just a matter of experimenting with which one you like best.

If you have a pro account, here’s how to get the Hollywood Filter:

  1. Download FaceApp.
  2. Launch the app, and either click ‘Camera’ to take a picture of yourself, or tap ‘Gallery’ to pick an image from your camera roll.
  3. Click ‘Impression.’
  4. Select Hollywood 2, and then ‘Apply’ to add the filter to your image.

The effect is proving to be picking up popularity on TikTok, and more of FaceApp’s filters may end up becoming a trend later on.

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