How to get the 3D photo effect on TikTok

TikTok 3d photo effectTikTok: jera.bean / Pixabay

TikTok has found a new way to turn yourself into the main character by using a 3D photo effect cut to music, and it’s going viral. 

The short video app has become the go-to place to find a huge number of fun effects and filters, and often they lend themselves to viral trends or challenges.

Millions of users on the app are taking part in one where you cut several pictures together to the track PHONKY TOWN by Playaphonk and add an incredible 3D effect that makes it look ten times cooler.

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Videos taking part in the trend can be found by searching through hashtags on the app, and right now #3dphotoeffect has almost 3 million views.

It works by zooming in on the person or people in the foreground, while pulling out the background, to make it look as though you’re in a three-dimensional photograph.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an effect that’s available through a filter on TikTok, and it’ll take a little bit of editing time to get the effect perfect.

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How to do the 3D photo trend:

  1. Download the editing app CapCut
  2. Open the app and import any 11 images to your timeline. Tap edit
  3. Tap style, then select 3D Zoom for each picture
  4. Make sure the first four photos are set to 0.5 seconds, and the last 7 photos set to 0.3 seconds – this is to make sure it fits with the viral sound.
  5. Save to camera roll
  6. Post to TikTok alongside the sound PHONKY TOWN by Playaphonk

Of course, you don’t have to use this particular track alongside your video, and you don’t even have to use selfies. Some people have played around with other images, like celebrities, cars, their pets, or even cartoon characters.

It’s important to note that your pictures won’t achieve the same look while static using this method, as the effect works through video format.

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