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Best TikTok filters: 10 viral filters from Time Warp Scan to Green Screen

Published: 29/Mar/2021 18:13

by Alice Hearing


If you want to take your TikToks to the next level, there are thousands of different filters to choose from that can be used in different ways and transform your videos into viral works of art. 

Often individual filters will become a trend in their own right, but some stick around if they have seemingly endless possibilities for different creative uses. Here are five of the best filters you can use.

Green Screen

TikTok user uses Green Screen filter

The possibilities are quite literally endless with green screen, or green screen video. You can change your background to anything you like, whether it’s a hilarious tweet you want to comment on, a screenshot of a conversation with a friend, or place yourself in an entirely new setting for a sketch. There are 74.7 million videos using this filter for a reason.


I’m Lost

TikTok 'I'm Lost' filter used on a seatbelt

The ‘I’m Lost’ filter is similar to Green Screen, but it isolates just your eyes and your mouth. Using this filter, people have made it look like inanimate objects are alive, imagining what they might say if they were sentient. Others have used it to do impressions of celebrities, film characters, or animals.

Wacky Mirror

TikTok user uses Wacky Mirror Filter

This filter is quite literally a virtual wacky mirror: in video form, it distorts whatever you film to make it look like it’s rippling and wiggling, which makes for hilarious use on unsuspecting friends, family, and even pets. Others have used the effect to imitate how it feels when you’re drunk or feel ill.


Face Zoom

@fatstimboThis has changed my life! Let hope I see results 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ##comedy♬ original sound – Victoriaemilia

This effect will zoom in on your face and the camera will move along with how you move. It was most memorably used by Bella Poarch who shot to fame with her viral “M to the B” lipsync, which thousands of tried to recreate. This filter has had 13 million videos created using it.

Time Warp Scan

GeorgeNotFound uses TikTok's Time Warp filter

With a little bit of thinking outside the box, the filter can be used in all sorts of bizarre and wonderful ways.

The filter works by freezing the image on the screen incrementally as a blue line moves down, or across the screen.

Psychedelic Clown

Miley Cyrus uses the Clown filter on TikTok

The Psychedelic clown filter allows users to apply a vibrant neon clown face to their own, and many have been using it to tell some of their most embarrassing stories. Even stars like Miley Cyrus have been making the most of this filter.


Clone Trio

TikTok user uses Clone Trio effect

If you need a bigger cast for your TikTok but you’re filming by yourself, the Clone Trio filter is the perfect way to remedy this problem. The feature lets you use three versions of yourself in one frame, meaning a much wider scope for funny videos.

Smile Rating

TikTok user uses Smile Rating filter on TikTok

The Smile Rating filter allows you to measure just how happy you look, and people have been using it to react to funny TikTok sounds as part of the ‘try not to laugh challenge.’

While it’s not always entirely accurate, it is certainly entertaining.

Time Warp Waterfall

TikTok user uses Time Warp waterfall filter on TikTok

The Time Warp Waterfall filter has a slightly different function to the regular Time Warp filter, with a stream that repeatedly replicates whichever part of the video is touching the central line. Users have managed to produce some pretty weird effects using this feature, and others have used it for challenges too.


Big Nose


#oneliners i look like an alien 👽😏

♬ original sound – Yuki

This filter has become hugely popular on TikTok, primarily being used for comedy related videos. Some also say that staring at yourself with the filter on, and then taking it off simulates what it’s like when people see you for the first time. Whether or not that’s technically true, the trend using this filter has been particpated in by countless users on the app.

Filters and effects are one of the best ways to liven up your experience on TikTok, and with more being added by the day, the possibilities are practically endless.