How to get the viral ‘falling’ filter on TikTok

Kawter Abed
How to get the viral 'falling' filter on TikTok

The ‘falling’ filter is going viral on TikTok, as users are trying to see if they can fall over just by staring at the effect. Here’s how to get it.

Short-form video platform TikTok is renowned for its creative content, and it’s become a vibrant hub for viral filters and effects that are used by millions of users around the world.

One of the latest to take off on the app is the ‘falling’ filter, which ingeniously shows a looping stream of 2D copies of the user falling forward. It first became popular in 2022, when TikToker brunebattistini shared a video of her grandmother physically falling over after staring at the effect.

Since then, TikTokers worldwide have been experimenting with the filter, aiming to replicate the amusing effects in their own unique ways. It has been used over 2.8 million times so far, as users are incorporating it into various scenarios and narratives.

How to get TikTok’s viral ‘falling’ filter

The falling filter is available right from the TikTok app, so it’s easy to try this visual trick in your videos. Just do as follows:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Click the plus button at the bottom to open the camera.
  3. In the bottom left, press ‘Effects.’
  4. Click the magnifying glass icon, and search ‘Loop Me.’
  5. Tap on the effect of the same name to apply it.

TikTokers have been racking up millions and like of views for their videos including this filter, as many users are curious to see whether they’d fall over by staring at it.

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