How to get the buzz cut filter on TikTok

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How to get the buzz cut filter on TikTokTIKTOK: gs.mobiledetailing / anakrandom_w

The buzz cut filter is going viral on TikTok, as users want to get a sneak peek into what they might look like with this hairstyle. Here’s how to get it.

TikTok has seen a huge number of different filters and effects take over the platform, getting millions of people to try them out and spark new trends.

One of the latest to go viral is the buzz cut filter, which offers users a glimpse into the daring hairstyle choice without the commitment of a hair clipper. If you’ve ever wondered how you’d look like with this short haircut, this effect allows you to virtually experience it.

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So far, over 1.9 million posts have featured the buzz cut TikTok filter, as people from all walks of life are trying it out and sharing their transformed looks with their friends and followers. The makeover tool has even inspired actual hair transformations and provided comic relief to many.

How to use the buzz cut filter on TikTok

You can easily access the filter from within the app by simply doing the following:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Click on the plus button to open the camera.
  3. Tap on the effects button, then the magnifying glass.
  4. Search ‘Crew Cut’ and select the filter of the same name.
  5. The camera will now activate, showing your face with the buzz cut effect applied.

If the filter doesn’t appear when you search for it, you can also try applying it through another video. To do this, just search ‘Buzz Cut Filter’ by clicking the magnifying glass on your For You Page, and select a video using the effect.

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