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How to do the beauty filter challenge on TikTok

Published: 14/May/2021 16:14 Updated: 24/May/2021 13:33

by Georgina Smith


A new trend gaining traction on TikTok involves applying a makeup filter to your video ten times to see how it changes your face — here’s how to get the filter and try it out for yourself.

While many popular TikTok trends stem from filters and effects made available on the app itself, many of the most popular challenges have originated from filters published via other platforms.

This can mean that often people are confused about how to partake in some popular trends.

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Unsplash: Solen Feyissa
New trends go viral on TikTok every week.

One challenge that went particularly viral was the ‘face shrinking filter’ challenge, which saw users layer a skinny filter over their face multiple times to produce a bizarre-looking end result. Many did it to the tune of ‘Countdown’ by Beyoncé.


Now the trend is back again in a slightly different form. This time people are using the makeup filter for a ‘beauty’ effect to see what the app thinks needs changing — though the results are proving to be varied.

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How to get the makeup filter on TikTok

Much like the face shrinking filter, to use the makeup filter you’ll need to download FaceApp. While the previous filter was locked under a pro account feature, at least one of the makeup filters is free to use for those without a pro account.

  1. Download FaceApp.
  2. Open the app and either select an image from your gallery, or use the camera feature to take a new photo of yourself.
  3. Select the ‘Makeup’ category from the bottom bar.
  4. If you’re on the free version click Makeup 4 to apply it, or if you’re on the pro version, select whichever makeup filter you like the most. Experiment with different filters on the app until you find one that works for you.
  5. Keep reapplying the filter to your picture until you get the effect that you want.

You can join others in the trend by showing your editing progress alongside Beyoncé’s song, and potentially have a chance at going viral.