Hololive shows off even more figures coming in 2024

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hololive ina with new figures behindHololive Production/Ninomae Ina'nis

Hololive’s latest figures were shown off at the Japanese convention, WinterFest 2024. It brings some newer stars to the plastic world.

Vtubers are now a permanent mainstay of our content world. None has capitalized on this as much as Hololive, who has yet even more additions coming. At Winter Wonder Fest 2024, a Japanese convention, the company displayed some of the upcoming figures.

These include two new Nendoroids from Hololive’s sixth generation, Secret Society holoX. Both Takane Lui and Kazama Iroha will be joining the extensive line up of Hololive Nendoroids from Good Smile. There’s currently no release date for either, but both were shown off with their full paints applied.

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Lui and Iroha aren’t the first from holoX, as La+’s Nendoroid has just finished its rounds of pre-orders at some stores. However, fans are still waiting for release date announcements for the other two members, Hakui Koyori and Sakamata Chloe.

All five members’ Nendoroids were on display at the event in full color, indicating that they must be close. Alongside the Nendoroids were the other figures that are either already announced or upcoming.

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From Good Smile’s Pop Up Parade, Amane Kanata is next up to get a figure. The cutesy attitude from the angel-based Vtuber comes across in full force here. Again, there’s no release date, but it being fully painted is a great indication that this should go on sale soon.

Hololive’s Ina gets new Figma figure

Lastly, Hololive English’s Ninomae Ina’Nis (Ina) is getting a posable Figma figure as well. This was shown in its prototype stage, with no paints, but it looks to be on par with the other excellent entries. Previously, other members from Ina’s group have made their debut in the Figma line.

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Previous Hololive English figmas have been for Mori Calliope and Gwar Gura, with other Japanese members also getting the Figma treatment in the past.

While there’s no release dates here, at least there’s multiple pointers that these should be hitting your usual figure haunts very soon.

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