Elden Ring gets trio of new figures & one is totally unexpected

Joel Loynds
elden ring nendoroid

Good Smile revealed three new figures coming from the world of Elden Ring, From Software’s massive follow-up to Dark Souls.

From Software’s Elden Ring doesn’t look like it’ll ever leave the conversation. The game, now two years old, is still in the public’s mind and as such, Good Smile is bringing more goodies. Three new Elden Ring figures were unveiled at Winterfest 24, a Japanese convention, with one being a little unexpected.

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nendoroid of knight from elden ring on black background

The company’s Nendoroid lineup has been bolstered massively throughout the weekend, with most releases appearing or announced. This includes the generic knight that you can choose to play as in the game.

Sporting the standard gear, Elden Ring’s latest Nendoroid will match with the previous Ranni and Alexander figures.

Joining the Nendoroid is something for those wanting a little more detail from their figures. The Max Factory Figma Torrent was shown off in its unpainted form. Elden Ring’s trusty steed already looks the part, despite the lack of paint.

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This was paired with a fully painted Raging Wolf Figma figure too, which has yet to be put up for pre-order, despite being announced last year.

Elden Ring’s Snake Lady Rya gets her own Pop Up Parade figure

There are still no release dates for either the Nendoroid or Figma offerings, but a third was announced with an unfinished figure too. The last figure, part of the Pop Up Parade line, is Rya. For those that might have missed or can’t remember Rya, she’s the lady that turns into the big snake-lizard thing.

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It’s an odd option to go with, and some fans have reacted as expected to the news. One user said:

“We need a snake version too!!!”

Another added:


The consensus surrounding the Rya figure appears to be positive, with fans enjoying the odd choice in characters to create a figure on.

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