Hololive EN reveals new Gen 4 members debuting this weekend

Kurt Perry
Hololive EN Justice members in official promo art.

Hololive has unveiled Gen 4 of its English branch, with the new wave featuring four members that will all be debuting this weekend.

First unveiled on the VTuber agency’s official X/Twitter account – which was shortly followed by a reveal trailer – Hololive English’s next generation is coming with the new wave ‘Justice’ set to debut between June 21 and June 22, 2024.

Codenamed holoJustice, EN’s fourth generation is made up of four members: Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame, Gigi Murin, Cecilia Immergreen, and Raora Panthera.

Their lore entries describe holoJustice as “a group of rowdy troublemakers who work on the fringes of an uptight, strict organization,” with their latest mission tasking them with tracking down a group of prison escapees, or as you know them, holoAdvent.

If you’re interested in checking out the girls’ first streams, here is when and where you can watch each of their debuts:

  • Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame: 06/21 – 08:00 PM PDT, 11:00 PM EDT, 04:00 AM BST, 12:00 PM JST
  • Gigi Murin: 06/21 – 08:45 PM PDT, 11:45 PM EDT, 04:45 AM BST, 12:45 PM JST
  • Cecilia Immergreen: 06/22 – 08:00 PM PDT, 11:00 PM EDT, 04:00 AM BST, 12:00 PM JST
  • Raora Panthera: 06/22 – 08:45 PM PDT, 11:45 PM EDT, 04:45 AM BST, 12:45 PM JST

After holoJustice’s members have debuted, a special collaboration stream will take place on Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame’s channel featuring all four talents. This is scheduled to start on June 22, 2024, at 9:30 PM PDT, directly after Raora Panthera’s debut ends.

This will allow Hololive fans to get to know more about the agency’s newest members, and see how they interact with one another. Hololive Justice having good synergy with one another is extremely important, as their collab opportunities will be limited for a little while.

Traditionally, new Hololive generations have a one-month collaboration ban, preventing them from streaming with other talents outside of their wave. This is done to encourage them to build up their brand without relying on those who came before them.