All Hololive members: EN, JP, ID, Holostars

Kurt Perry
Hololive members in Super Expo 2024 promotional art.

With it being the largest agency in the VTuber industry, it’s a given that Hololive Production would be home to all kinds of talents. This is a complete list of all Hololive, Holostars, and DEV_IS members currently working at Cover Corporation.

Founded in June 2016, Cover Corporation began life as an augmented reality software developer. However, much like Nijisanji, the company’s real success story would come with VTubers, and more specifically Hololive. The company’s first Virtual idol Tokino Sora debuted in 2017, while the other members of Generation 0 hosted their first streams in 2018.

The agency’s success in Japan continued before Hololive eventually went international. First Hololive Indonesia in April 2020, and then Hololive English followed shortly after in September 2020. This impressive growth has not stopped either with more waves and branches arriving since.

With Cover giving so many VTubers a platform, it can be hard to keep track of all of them, but this comprehensive list of all Hololive members will make doing so much easier.

Hololive EN members

Hololive EN Justice members in official promo art.
Hololive Justice introduced four new members to Cover’s ever-popular EN branch in June 2024.

Debuting in September 2020, Hololive English was Cover’s first serious attempt to branch out its brand to a Western audience. These talents primarily produce content for an English-speaking audience, but still regularly collaborate with members from other branches.


Project: HOPE*


*Project: HOPE was discontinued on October 9, 2023, with IRyS joining holoPromise.


*holoCouncil’s four remaining members moved to holoPromise on October 9, 2023, alongside IRyS.




Hololive JP members

holoX generation 6 of Hololive Japan official promotional art.
Hololive Japan’s latest additions came with holoX, a secret organization that operates from the shadows.

The original Hololive branch, with Sora first streaming in July 2017 on Niconico. The talents have since come a long way with several generations debuting. These talents almost exclusively stream in Japanese but are still well-known internationally.

Generation 0

First generation

Second Generation


*Fubuki debuted in FIrst Gen but is also member of GAMERS

hololive Fantasy




Hololive ID members

The three members of Hololive Indonesia Third Generation, holoh3ro.
holoh3ro became Hololive Indonesia’s Third Generation when they debuted in March 2022.

Making their first appearance in April 2020, Hololive ID is Cover’s Indonesian branch. The talents in this agency produce a variety of content in English, Indonesian, and Japanese with the exact balance varying from idol to idol.




Hololive CN members

Al six graduated Hololive China members.
Hololive CN was Cover’s attempt to take over the Chinese Vtuber market.

Hololive CN was a branch that debuted in July 2019 with the goal of targeting the Chinese VTuber market. A second generation followed in April 2020, but the entire branch was retired in October 2020, just over a year after it was founded.

Hololive China 1st Generation

Civia (G)Spade Echo (G)Yogiri (G)

Hololive China 2nd Generation

Artia (G)Doris (G)Rosalyn (G)

Hololive DEV_IS members

Hololive Dev_is first generation, REGLOSS.
The first generation of Hololive DEV_IS is ReGLOSS which looks to deliver an authentic idol group.

Hololive DEV_IS (pronounced Device) is Cover’s newest branch that focuses more on musical production like a traditional idol group, as opposed to the streaming-first approach most Hololive members take. This new group debuted with ReGLOSS’ five members in September 2023.


Holostars EN members

All eight members of Holostars English HoloTempus.
holoTEMPUS, and later Vanguard plus Armis, brought the Holostars brand to a Western audience.

Holostars English is a more recent addition that brings the Holostars brand to a Western audience. They are an all-male group that debuted in July 2022, with Vanguard adding four more members in January 2023.


TEMPUS Vanguard


Holostars JP members

Nine Holostars Japan members as seen in Just Follow Star original song promotional art.
Holostars Japan has released its fair share of excellent original songs including ‘Just Follow Stars’.

Holostars is the all-male counterpart of Hololive made up of idols with all kinds of personalities and skills. Although they are not as well known as their female counterparts, these boys are exceptionally talented and have been around for some time with Gen 1 debuting in June 2019.

First Generation

ArurandeisuHanasaki MiyabiKagami Kira (G)
Kanade IzuruRikkaYukushiji Suzaku (G)



Aragami OgaKageyama ShienTsukishita Kaoru (G)


That’s every Hololive member listed across all of its major branches, including Holostars. As more VTuber talents join or graduate, this list will be updated to reflect any changes.