Mori Calliope explains why part of her 24-hour stream was suddenly taken down

Dylan Horetski
YouTuber Mori Calliope of Hololive

Hololive’s Mori Calliope has explained why the VOD from part of her 24-hour stream was suddenly taken down from her YouTube channel.

Over the last three years, Hololive VTuber Mori Calliope has skyrocketed in popularity, amassing over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

The Vtuber agency’s “grim reaper idol” is known for creating her own original music, often singing or rapping on stream, and dropped her first major album release in December 2022.

After part one of her recent 24-hour stream went up as a VOD on her channel, it was suddenly removed. Shortly after, Mori Calliope revealed what caused it to be taken down.

Mori Calliope reveals why stream VOD was removed

Later on in her stream, one of Mori Calliope’s viewers asked about the first part of her VOD. They asked: “What happened to the first one?”

“The first VOD? Karaoke problems,” she revealed. “There were songs that I was given the okay to sing but they still got struck and they blocked the whole VOD.

“[I’m] trying to file a dispute. We’ll see [what happens.] I begged in the staff chat ‘Please!’ It was auto claimed so they should be able to fix it. At least I hope so.”

She also revealed that she planned to remove part two of the stream anyway, but it appears that the Hololive star has scheduled a rebroadcast of part one as a way to get it back up for viewers.

It’s unknown whether or not she figured out the copyright issues, however, as it’s quite possible she’s removed the offending songs from the VOD.

Fans will have to wait to see when the stream goes live. For more Mori Calliope news, check out her custom branded Hyte computer case.