Hasan immediately tempts new Twitch ban with multiple “slurs” in return stream

Isaac McIntyre. Last updated: Dec 22, 2021
Hasan in Trump merch on Twitch stream.
Twitch: Hasan

Hasan Piker has only been back on Twitch for a few hours, but he’s already tempting another platform ban by doubling down on his “cracker” stance and adding nearly a dozen new on-stream slurs to the melting pot too.

Piker was whacked with a seven-day Twitch ban for repetitively saying “cracker” on his stream last week, sparking a community-wide debate about slurs.

The controversy was originally sparked by back-to-back surprise suspensions for moderators on Hasan’s channels, both of whom had written “cracker” in his chats. The star streamer stepped into bat for his admins, claiming anti-white sentiments cannot actually be called racism.

His stance originally netted Hasan a bucketload of ire from the Twitch community, with streamers like xQc siding against Piker. The controversy then hit fever pitch on December 14, when Hasan was banned.

Now, minutes after his return, Hasan has tempted fate.

“Look, I know that I pushed Twitch’s buttons. And now I’m going to do it all over again,” he declared, before uttering several more famous anti-white terms.

Hasan on Twitch stream.
Twitch: Hasan
The popular Twitch star just spent seven days benched for saying “cracker.”

Hasan had only been talking about his Twitch suspension for a few short minutes on December 21 when he decided he wanted to double-down on his stance: wearing a Trump 2020 hat, Piker yelled a series of “slurs.”

“I can’t say cracker, but I can say hillbilly, hick, mayonnaise monkey, vanilla gorilla, honky, whitey, redneck, and numerous other words that are used the same!”

And, for good measure, he threw in a “cracker” again too.

Hasan then continued with a wry smile: “Look, I was banned for the most egregious, the most unacceptable action. That’s right! But I’ve learned my lesson, okay? White is right. I pledge to never use the term [cracker] again, unless I’m referencing a delicious, bland, unseasoned saltine.”

“The snack, I mean,” he added, sarcasm still dripping in his voice. “After discourse, I’ve realized the c-word is as bad as the n-word. Even worse!”

Piker pivoted to a more serious response soon after, admitting the seven days he had been suspended from the platform had been “really hard,” especially considering he usually streams near-daily at the moment.

“I lost my f**king mind, I won’t lie,” Hasan admitted.

“Seven days went by, when I was banned… as much as we talk about parasocial relationships, all that stuff, I have a reliance on Twitch streaming too. To create organization in my life and give myself purpose. Not having the community I rely on on a daily basis, I went a bit crazy. I went bananas.

“I did some stuff, Ludwig’s stream, Ethan Klein’s podcast, but it wasn’t enough,” the Twitch star continued. “I really did miss all this. Actually, I missed it a lot, okay?”

Related segment begins at 14:09 in the Twitch VOD below.

Hasan also addressed the response to him using the word “cracker” on-stream, from streaming fans and Twitch itself. According to the star streamer, watching how the Twitch community pivoted after his ban was “hilarious.”

“These fans were doing endzone dances over the ban.

“The funniest thing I saw, though,” he said, “was as soon as I did get banned all this discourse changed. Suddenly people were saying they were memeing. And Twitch were a bunch of f**king idiots for actually following through on such a pathetic, idiotic, capitulation to white fragility, pushed by racist individuals.”

“Not that I’d say that, of course,” the streamer added. “It was just coming from all those people that were whipped into a frenzy, pushing identity politics.”