Pokimane learns why watching anime on Twitch is huge mistake after nudity scare

Pokimane next to Soma Yukihira from Food Wars.Twitch: Pokimane / Adult Swim

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has learned the hard way why it’s a huge mistake to watch popular anime shows on Twitch, accidentally risking a ban from the streaming platform after a Food Wars character appeared totally naked midway through what seemed like an innoncent episode.

Twitch’s terms of service are strict at the best of times, but even the platform’s top streamers are begging for trouble ⁠— and maybe a ban ⁠— if they watch anime episodes live.

Pokimane has now learned that the hard way.

The star Twitch streamer was looking to get into the platform’s emerging show-watching meta while eating during a recent December stream, and settled on checking out a new anime in the process. Her fans suggested she watch Food Wars, a slice-of-life series based around chefs and cooks.

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Little did Pokimane know a Twitch TOS trap lay in wait; seconds into the Food Wars clip, she was forced to shut it down to avoid showing on-stream nudity.

Soma Yukihira from Food Wars.Adult Swim
The popular Food Wars anime nearly earned Pokimane a Twitch ban.

Food Wars nudity blindsides Pokimane

The Twitch star settled onto her seat, readjusted her microphone, and fired up the seemingly-innocent Food Wars clip. As she watched the early segment, she doubled down on her interest to watch multiple episodes. 

“I’ve heard a lot about Food Wars, I’d like to watch that,” she said. “I’ve watched it once or twice, I remember it being good. Oh my god, I’m going to be so hungry.”

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Then, seconds later, the anime disaster struck.

One Food Wars character was trying an incredible-looking Eggs Benedict dish cooked by the main character, Soma Yukihira, while many others watched. The tester took one bite of the food, pausing, and leading an unprepared Pokimane to ask expectantly, “Was it good? Is it as good as it looks?”

The woman who took the bite was immediately naked, yelling from how good the food was, and Pokimane could only yell in terror as she tried to shut off the video.

Pokimane learns her anime lesson

Pokimane could only laugh after successfully closing the clip, and likely avoiding an unwanted Twitch suspension for breaking terms of service ⁠— at least in regards to nudity on-stream ⁠— in the process.

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“Oh my god, sorry! Oh god, I’m so sorry!” she yelled.

The star’s Twitch fans were in the same boat too; they could only laugh at the hilarious mistake Anys had made watching Food Wars live. “Every streamer should know not to watch anime live,” one wrote, while another joked a “big tiddy anime character” was going to “end Pokimane’s whole career.”

The 25-year-old seems to have learned her lesson about watching anime on Twitch too, admitting she “has to think twice” about what she puts on-screen.