Bryce Hall confronts TikTok stalker who broke into his new home

Bryce Hall exposes stalker who trespassed in his houseYouTube, Twitter: Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall has been a victim of stalking attempts multiple times throughout his career — and he claims he’s dealing with a stalker who broke into his home last year, yet again.

Bryce Hall has exposed a stalker for the second time after moving out of the old Sway House to his own place earlier this year.

Despite packing up and settling down in a new location, it looks like one of his stalkers has successfully found out his address — but this time, Hall is exposing the guy after one too many trespassing instances.

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On December 21, Hall tweeted out that he’d apprehended a stalker who’d waltzed right into his new home.

The stalker is the same person who’d shown up to the Sway House multiple times in January — and, at one point, similarly entered the home without being invited.

While Hall recorded the altercation and got law enforcement involved, that didn’t stop the stalker from finding his new address and walking right in, a second time.

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Bryce Hall exposes stalker who broke into his home again

Although Hall took efforts to conceal the man’s identity in his first video, his December 21 Tweet showed a photo of his stalker.

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“Stalker from this video found my new house and walked into my house,” Hall Tweeted. “I have him in the same position as last time and I’m not blurring his face this time.”

“We blurred his face last time in the video but this time IDGAF… this s**t is terrifying,” he added.

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The TikTok star also shared a video of himself rushing downstairs after hearing someone in his house, only to find it was the exact same person who’d invaded his living quarters nearly a year ago.

It seems that Hall got the police involved this time, as well, as he shared a second photo of law enforcement cuffing the purported stalker.

This is far from the first time Hall has had to deal with stalkers and overzealous fans; in June, the TikToker exposed fans breaking onto his property with CCTV cameras.

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Fame certainly has its ups and downs, but Bryce Hall clearly wasn’t willing to deal with this frightening instance of trespassing laying down.

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