H3H3 reveal why they ended ‘Families’ podcast after Frenemies drama

Virginia Glaze
H3H3 explains why families ended

Comedy duo H3H3 have taken their ‘Families’ podcast off the air in the wake of Ethan Klein’s drama with Trisha Paytas, claiming they wanted to end things on a high note.

The fallout between YouTubers Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas took over the internet for a solid month. The influencers, who had once been bitter rivals, finally settled their differences and paired up for a new podcast together, which was appropriately dubbed ‘Frenemies.’

Their new venture was an instant hit, and quickly turned the tide of internet opinion regarding Trisha Paytas, who has historically boasted a divisive presence online. However, this golden age was not to last, as Paytas and Klein got into a heated argument over business dealings on the air.

This ultimately resulted in the end of their tenuous friendship. A knock-down, drag-out argument ensued over social media, with both sides flinging proverbial poo at each other that had tea pages posting at all hours of the day.

Trisha and Ethan on Frenemies
After their infamous feud in 2019, Trisha Paytas joined Ethan Klein for a podcast that took the internet by storm, thanks to the chasm of different opinions and viewpoints between its two hosts.

To replace the Frenemies podcast, Klein invited his mother on as a co-host, changing the name to ‘Families.’ This new arrangement would only last for a short time before Klein ended the podcast in a return to the historical ‘H3 After Dark’ podcast.

Ethan and his wife Hila explained why they switched up their format during a recent After Dark episode, claiming that they wanted to protect their parents from the dark side of the internet before they got themselves steeped in too much drama.

Ethan Klein revealed crew got hate over Trish Paytas quitting Frenemies
Ethan Klein claimed that his crew members had received a slew of hateful remarks in wake of Frenemies’ fallout.

“We ended families to protect my parents from the internet,” Klein claimed. “Coming off my mom’s beef with Trisha, and like, how they’re getting into stuff with people on Twitter. They don’t need this in their retirement, in their old age.”

“They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into,” he continued. “I saw it tipping a little bit over the course of ten, where there’s people saying mean things, and then you have Trisha stans saying mean things, and it gets kind of icky. ….They don’t need to be on the internet with people saying these horrible things.”

“I wanted to end on a high note, where everything was pure and beautiful, and not wait on the ‘exposed’ videos.”

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For now, it looks like Ethan’s parents won’t be making any more appearances on the podcast anytime soon, leaving the H3 Podcast as it was before the ‘Frenemies’ podcast had even begun.