Griffin Johnson responds to Kelly Osbourne dating rumors

Charlotte Colombo
griffin kelly shut down rumors

With rumors swirling about the nature of Griffin Johnson’s relationship with Kelly Osbourne after they were papped going for dinner, the Sway House star has put an end to the rumors once and for all.

Griffin Johnson only recently had an extremely messy breakup with fellow TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, but as she has moved on with new man Noah Beck, it seems like fans are more fascinated than ever by Griffin Johnson’s own relationship status.

This led to a celebrity reporter at The Hollywood Fix confronting Johnson and his manager Michael Dunmore during a dinner at Craig’s in LA – the same restaurant he went with Osbourne that started all these rumors in the first place.

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As a former reality star herself, Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to public scrutiny.

When the reporter asked Johnson why he and Kelly Osbourne “have been spending so much time together”, the two of them didn’t hesitate to set the record straight.

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“Well, he’s trying to be a host and Kelly is one of the best,” Dunmore explained.

Gesturing to Johnson, Dunmore said repeatedly that Kelly was “a mentor” to the rising star.

“She’s just a mentor,” the manager insisted.

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Business rather than pleasure: Griffin Johnson is said to be meeting Osbourne as part of his ambitions to become a TV host.

With the reporter remaining unconvinced, they asked Johnson whether they were “saving this tea for the podcast”, to which Johnson replied, “No, actually”.

Swiftly changing the subject, Johnson added that his “podcast is doing really well”, adding that there was a new episode coming out soon.

How did these rumors about Johnson and Osbourne start?

Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne put the rumor mill into overdrive after they were spotted eating dinner together at Craig’s in LA earlier this month.

Celebrity photographer and reporter Kevin Wong caught the two looking close before leaving together in the same car, laughing away.

As well as the press intensifying rumors about the two’s relationship, YouTuber Tana Mongeau even weighed in on the drama, Tweeting a screenshot of the now-infamous video of the two together with the caption: “What the f*** is going on someone please this one really threw me through a loop.”

Romantic or not, seeing these two stars team up can only mean that big things are coming.