Griffin Johnson denies cheating rumors after Dixie D’Amelio breakup

dixie damelio and griffiin johnsondixiedamelio, Instagram / Bryce Hall, YouTube

TikTok star Griffin Johnson has now denied the rumors that he cheated on Dixie D’Amelio, shortly after apologizing to his former partner for their breakup.

Following many accusations early into the pair’s relationship, Dixie had initially deflected from the idea of Griffin cheating on her but has since spoken out about the scandal.

After weeks of avoiding the accusations and even coming under fire for a fake apology video, Griffin Johnson finally issued a proper apology, on September 1, taking the blame for the pair’s split earlier in the year.

While rumors were continuing to spread about why they broke up, the TikTok star has now also addressed the cheating accusations.

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Dixie d'amelio and griffin johnson

During Bryce Hall’s latest YouTube vlog on September 12, Sway House members grouped up to pull some stunts with fellow content creator Tanner Fox.

However, before they set off, Hall began to joke about Griffin Johnson being single and asked him directly whether or not he cheated on Dixie.

When discussing what to title the vlog, Hall suggested that “Did Griffin Johnson actually cheat?” would likely draw in a lot of viewers.

Topic starts at 2:45

However, the conversation quickly took a more serious route, with Griffin denying the rumors and claiming to see the record straight.

“Why are you guys doing this to me? No,” Griffin responded, in denial of the rumors.

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But when Bryce followed up, Johnson did reveal that he had been talking to another girl towards the end of their relationship, adding, “I did Snapchat a girl.”

It seems the pair have both moved past the drama, after calling for fans to stop harassing each other and Dixie has even been rumored to be dating fellow TikTok star Noah Beck following her public breakup.