FPSRussia goes live on Twitch more than 1930 days since last YouTube appearance

FPSRussia on YouTubeYouTube: FPSRussia

Kyle Lamar Myers, better known by his YouTube persona ‘FPSRussia,’ finally returned to the internet with a surprise Twitch stream on August 5, more than 1930 days since his last appearance on YouTube.

Before the likes of Mr Beast and David Dobrik took over on YouTube, the early days of the Google-owned platform had other names at the very top.

FPSRussia used to be one of those names.

Known for his simple yet explosive weapon-testing videos, FPSRussia was one of the first household names at the turn of the last decade. With roughly 950 million views on the channel to date, the unique figure captivated the masses during YouTube’s rise in popularity.

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Though it all came to a sudden end for FPSRussia as his channel went silent in 2016. A brief prison stint and a battle with cancer pulled him away from the content creator spotlight.

Five years later, the former star finally returned with a surprise Twitch stream.

FPSRussia on YouTubeYouTube: FPSRussia
FPSRussia’s last YouTube video arrived in April of 2016.

“I’m gonna stream on Twitch at around 5:30PM EST,” he shared from a Twitter account that had been left dormant since November 9, 2016. “I’ve been working on something for a year and I’m pretty excited to show it off.”

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That thing he’d been working on turned out to be his own body. After “intentionally” gaining weight, the YouTube icon lost it all and became more shredded than ever before. Flexing for those in chat, he delved into his focus on health over the past few years.

Speaking on a potential comeback to YouTube, however, fans were advised not to hold their breath. After being absent for all these years, it turns out the one and only FPSRussia no longer has control of his own account.

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Somewhere along the way, he lost his login details for the account that currently boasts just shy of seven million subscribers.

“I should probably tweet at YouTube to see if they can help me recover my password,” he joked. “I don’t have the password to my FPSRussia channel.”

While he’s yet to reach out for help, the once-popular account continues to remain inactive. There’s no telling how long it might be until we see a potential return of his Russian character.

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After 1937 days without a new upload, it marks one of the longest periods of inactivity on YouTube. That said, this random appearance on Twitch could indicate more regular FPSRussia streams are coming down the line.

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