Adin Ross claims he was “set up” by friend in fake swatting incident

Virginia Glaze
Adin Ross set up by friend fake swatting
YouTube: The Daily Stardust

Twitch star Adin Ross was purportedly swatted on July 10 during a fan meet-up amid his grand return to streaming — but many critics believed it was fake, and now, Ross seems to have confirmed this theory.

Adin Ross was notably handed a week-long ban from Twitch on July 7 due to texting and driving during a live stream.

The broadcaster owned up to his mistake and claimed that he “deserved” the suspension. Surprisingly, Twitch unbanned him just two days later in wake of his comments on the matter.

However, not everyone was in the mood for a grand celebration upon his return. During a fan meetup on July 10, Ross was seemingly swatted while shopping at a footwear store in a mall.

The incident sparked a slew of speculation on whether or not the swatting was actually real, with names like WoW star Asmongold theorizing that it was completely faked in a biting tweet. (It’s worth noting that Ross stated it was “fake” in his own Tweet on the subject, but also claimed that a real SWAT team had been called to the scene.)

It’s worth noting that several high-profile internet stars have been swatted multiple times due to angry fans and critics, with the likes of streamer xQc claiming he was swatted “daily” and even feared for his life.

Ross spoke further on the “fake swatting” incident in an interview with paparazzi on July 15, where he claimed he’d been set up by a friend of his.

“One of my boys, he just like set me up on that s**t, it was f**ked up,” Ross explained. “He set me up on some fake s**t, trying to f**k with me. Before, I was like, ‘I’m not getting arrested for this s**t, no way.’ We actually had a real SWAT team pull up, it was f**king crazy.”

“Melrose got shut down for a little bit,” he continued. “But, you know, it opened back up, and everything was good.”

Although the situation was certainly frightening, it seems to have all been a prank, and Ross seems to be taking the issue quite well, as he was caught meeting up with the friend who’d pranked him during the paparazzi interview.