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Retired YouTube star FPSRussia reveals cancer diagnosis

Published: 5/Jun/2020 20:33

by Michael Gwilliam


Famous YouTuber Kyle ‘FPSRussia’ Myers revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer during an episode of the PKA Podcast.

FPSRussia, who retired from YouTube in 2016 and recently spent two months in prison due to possession of a restricted substance, had been one of the platform’s most popular names with nearly 7 million subscribers.

His videos included a mix of weapons and explosive testing, with the celebrity showing off his wild collection to the tune of millions of views.

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In a clip uploaded on May 30, Myers explained how a mole that had been removed from his eye in surgery was actually cancerous, despite his doctor first informing him it wasn’t.


“I got that thing taken off my eye last week… and the doctor assured me that because there were eyelashes growing through it, that’s a sign it’s not cancer. Well, they call me Friday and they go ‘so it’s cancer,’” the 34-year-old stated.

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Myers then did an impression of Lumbergh from ‘Office Space’ to showcase how the doctor spoke to him in a very slow tone. “Yeah, we’re gonna need to go back into your eye,” the YouTuber said, imitating his doctor.

“In any case, got a little bit of the cancer. They don’t think it spread anywhere else, but we’re going to do some scans or blood tests or what have you and find out for sure,” he continued.


Luckily, Myers’ doctor is a plastic surgeon, so he will be taking a wedge of the YouTuber’s eyelid to “bring it all together,” with very minimal scarring.

FPSRussia made a name for himself as a weapons YouTuber.

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Despite the diagnosis, the YouTuber was still full of laughs and joked that if there was a bit of scarring, he’d ask the doctor for a “Khal Drogo” – a reference to the Game of Thrones character played by Jason Momoa, who has a scar on his face.

He went on to add that he ordered a “really f**king cool eyepatch” that resembles something out of a movie or video game, so he seems to be taking the whole thing in good spirits.


Hopefully, the surgery ends up going well and we see much more from FPSRussia and his new eyepatch in the future.