Fortnite player goes viral ‘winning’ game on moving truck and the internet is split

A Fortnite player has gone viral after “winning” a game while on the back of a moving truck, and the internet is split as to whether or not it’s real.

A TikTok posted by user ‘messickblake’ on April 26 has done rounds on the internet, going viral and amassing millions of views so far.

In the 23-second-long video, two men can be seen sitting in the back of a pickup truck driving on the highway — alongside what appears to be an 18-wheeler truck.

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With a projector pointing at the side of the truck, one of the men with a keyboard and mouse on his lap, appeared to be playing a game of Fortnite.

“You got him, you got him, you got him,” one of the men can be heard repeating, as just one opponent remained in the lobby, who was ultimately taken down — giving them the victory royale.

It’s fair to say the internet went back and forth debating whether or not the video was real, or if it was actually just a video playing on the projector.

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“Is this real?” one user challenged. “I have so many questions!” wrote another.

Many were quick to note the implications of playing on the highway, such as how they had electricity or a solid internet connection to be able to play. “There’s no Wi-Fi, they could not play,” said one.

“The internet connection is better then mine,” another joked.

However, as it turns out, the TikTok is actually fake. In a YouTube video uploaded on April 28, the original poster Blake Messick explained exactly why and how they pulled it off.

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The creator had a laptop hooked up to the projector, which was playing a pre-recorded video — explaining the stunt was to promote a dynamic QR code, which he could use to sell to advertisers.

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