Floyd Mayweather explains why he “can’t” fight Jake Paul despite wanting to

Floyd Mayweather Jake Paul Brawl WarningInstagram: Floyd Mayweather / Jake Paul

Undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather has revealed why his rumored fight against Jake Paul won’t happen even though he wants it to.

The rivalry between Jake Paul and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is going to have to end without a winner despite years of feuding between the two.

A potential match between The Problem Child and Mayweather has been on a lot of fans’ minds ever since Jake’s big brother Logan went the distance against the former champ in an exhibition bout.

The build-up to the fight included a major confrontation with Jake when he ended up stealing Mayweather’s hat, prompting a social media firestorm and Jake even claiming “gangsters” were hired to kill him.

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Eventually, Jake issued a challenge to fight Mayweather, but Money doesn’t see it happening.

jake-paul-floyd-mayweatherInstagram: Jake Paul / Floyd Mayweather
Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather have had beef for awhile.

Floyd Mayweather responds to Jake Paul fight challenge

Speaking at a press conference for his upcoming match against Aaron Chalmers, Floyd was asked about Jake Paul wanting to fight him in a non-exhibition match.

“We spoke to Jake Paul before and we can only do an exhibition because of the weight disadvantage. I can’t get up to 180-190 pounds. My body just wouldn’t let me,” the boxer said.

However, Floyd made it clear that if he could get to the weight, he’d have no problem duking it out in the ring against the undefeated Jake.

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“If I could, I would. But I can’t,” he added, before revealing why he won’t push himself. “I’m not chasing anyone. I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to accomplish.”

The legend further stressed that he already had his time as a boxer, but plans to still entertain fans with his exhibition matches until he finally hangs up his gloves for good.

“When I choose to stop exhibitions, I will still support the sport of boxing. I’m a pioneer of being a boxer, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m playing chess in the real world. I’m truly blessed. I can’t take my opponent for granted. It’s entertaining.”

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Although fans may not get to see Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather, they can still see The Problem Child finally take on Tommy Fury this Saturday as Jake Paul looks to become a ranked boxer for the first time in his career.